Intersoft tissues

Available sizes

  • 100 Tissues


Rapid surface disinfection in a tissue. For use around the house, in hospitals, medical, dental and veterinary practices and care homes.

Intersoft Tissues are the quick and simple way to disinfectant and clean small surfaces in the office, house, laboratory, on the hospital ward, surgery, or to keep in the car for use on the move i.e. to clean unfamiliar sanitary surfaces prior to use. They can also be used to clean and sanitise hands.

The 100 wipe pack is convenient to use and re-seals to ensure the wipes stay moist and ready for action when needed.

It is suitable for use against the following microorganisms:

Bacteria including: Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus, Proteus
Dermatophytes including: fungi, yeasts i.e. Candida, Microsporum, Epidermophyton and Trichophyton.
Lipophilic viruses including: Avian influenza virus and Fowl Pest virus.



The uses of the product may change from country to country, dependent on local rules and regulations.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

Directions for use:

The tissues are moistened by a specially developed combination of alcohols, so care should be taken when using them on any electrical apparatus.

Caution: Do not use Intersoft® Tissues to clean computer monitors, or on materials sensitive to alcohols e.g. acrylic glass and delicate furniture.

When disinfecting a computer keyboard, mouse, telephones or other electrical equipment, make sure that the equipment is turned off, squeeze excess liquid from the tissues before use. Wipe the keys, mouse, etc ensuring all surfaces that come into contact with the operator’s skin have been treated.

The combination of alcohols and rubbing action will remove light fatty, greasy deposits from surfaces, however if intensive cleaning is required, a specialist cleaning solution should be used first, then disinfected afterwards.

When disinfecting other surfaces such as mouse pads, door handles, desk tops, table tops, worktops the tissues can be used without squeezing off excess liquid. After 3 minutes tests have shown that a minimum of 99.99% of the germs listed will be removed. Disinfected surfaces dry quickly and without leaving deposits.

Intersoft® Tissues should be used regularly to control germ build-up.

Active Ingredients:

1kg of disinfectant solution contains 300g Propan-1-ol, 250g Propan-2-ol, 2g Bi-phenyl-2-ol