Available sizes

  • 10 litres


Atomising additive for long lasting fog. For the application of surface disinfectants and pesticides such as Intercid, Interfarm 500 and CBM8MV.

Product features:

♦ Prolongs the contact of disinfectants and insecticides.
♦ Greater penetration into cracks and crevices.
♦ Stabilises fog for hours.
♦ 10% – 20% v/v added to final disinfectant solution.
♦ Easy and convenient to use.

Interfog is an atomizing additive for surface disinfectants such as Intercid and Interfarm 500, as well as pesticides. For example, the long acting acaracide CBM8 MV from Hysolv Ltd. can be fogged into empty poultry housing (pullet/layer/breeder) before restocking. This helps ensure that any re-emerging red mites which were not killed during cleaning and disinfection of the building are eliminated before they can feed from the birds and re-infest the house.

Interfog works by creating a fog with fine droplets which keep airborne hours longer than when fogging a disinfectant by itself. This means that contact of disinfectant/pesticide with surfaces is improved and the droplets are able to penetrate deep into small cracks and crevices, which might otherwise have remained untreated.



The uses of the product may change from country to country, dependent on local rules and regulations.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

Directions for use:

Interfog is suitable for various types of fogging devices examples include:

Type of fogging Device Example of product
solution to be fogged
Percentage Interfog v/v
in fogging solution
Cold atomizers (cold foggers) 10% Interfarm 500 5%
Thermal atomizers (hot foggers)  15% – 60% Intercid 10%
Swing Fog SN81 (waterless!!!) 100% Intercid 20%


Active Ingredients:

Fatty alcohol ethoxylat