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Low odour, high efficacy general disinfectant. Used in Animal housing, vehicles, store rooms, hatcheries and lairage. Effective against all viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

Interbac has been tested according to the European standards and confirmed that a 0.5% concentration for the ready-to-use solution is effective against all viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

Interbac is a low odour disinfectant capable of working rapidly at all temperatures above zero. Interbac can even be used when the temperatures sink below zero if antifreezing additives are used such as ethanol, isoprpanol and propylene glycol. As a rough guide, 3% antifreezing product should be added to the final ready-to-use solution for every degree C under zero.

Interbac’s low odour and efficacy make it extremely useful for daily use within the hatchery, or in service corridors and store rooms.

It is also non-corrosive* and can be safely used on equipment and cages. It can also be used as a truck wash, to ensure that diseases aren’t spread from farm to farm by visiting trucks and lorries. Interbac can be used in occupied housing, when applied using a foaming lance and low pressure sprayer.

It can also be fogged in the empty animal house. The product “Interfog” enhances the fogging effect, keeping disinfectant particles airborn for long period.

(* at ready-to-use dilutions)

INTERBAC has been independently tested and shown to be effective against the disease causing organisms:

Pig: Swine fever, Aujeszky’s Disease, Dysentery, Porcine Parvovirus Infection, Enterotoxaemia, FMD, Swine Vesicular Disease, Salmonellosis.

♦ Poultry: Marek’s Disease, Newcastle Disease, Salmonellosis, Infectious Bronchitis, Pasteurellosis, Avian Coryza, Avian Rhinotracheitis, Avian Influenza.

♦ Cattle: FMD, IBR/IPV, BVD/MD, Bovine Influenza.

♦ Horses: Influenza, Infectious Arteritis, Strangles, Polyarthritis of foals, Salmonellosis.

♦ Small Animals: Parvovirus Infection, Feline Distemper (Panleucopenia), Feline Rhinotracheitis, Leucosis, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, Distemper, Rabies.


The uses of the product may change from country to country, dependent on local rules and regulations.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 



Application: Dilution
Poultry housing and equipment  
Routine disinfection (incl. avian influenza)* 0.5 %
Specific disinfection against bacterial infections 1.0 %
Livestock housing and equipment (e.g. cattle/pigs/sheep)  
Foot and Mouth disease agent disinfection 0.50 %
Horse/companion animal housing and equipment  
Disinfection of organisms causing diseases such as: Equine Influenza, Inf. Arteritis, strangles, Polyarthritis of foal, Salmonellosis; Feline / Canine Distemper, Parvovirus Disease, Feline Rhinotracheitis, Leucosis, FIP and Rabies. 0.5 %
Wheel dips  
Footbaths / tread mats (Renew weekly, or more often if contaminated with organic matter) 1.00 %

Instructions for use:

Dilute INTERBAC as required and disinfect area using high pressure spraying equipment (ideally.1000 p.s.i./70 bar) using a wide angle jet nozzle apply 200 – 400 ml/m2 depending upon the porosity of the surface to be treated. Alternatively use a knapsack sprayer, mop and bucket, or wipe surfaces with a cloth moistened in the diluted product.

Treatment of corridors and service areas: Disinfect outer surfaces of stables, corridors and cages etc. 3 times / week.

When using/working with concentrated disinfectants do not eat, drink or smoke. Avoid contact with eyes skin and clothing. Wear the recommended protective clothing and equipment:

Breathing Protection: Full face mask, filter A2 B2-P2
Hand Protection: Protective rubber gloves e.g. Nitril
Eye Protection: Full mask
Body Protection:: Chemical-protective clothing


Active ingredients:

Glutaraldehyde and Quaternary Ammonium Salts.