Available sizes

  • 1 kg
  • 10 kg
  • 1000 kg


The modern livestock housing disinfectant. Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, bacterial spores, mycobacterium, coccidial oocysts, cryptosporidium, and remove red mite, red mite eggs, litter beetles (darkling beetles), and beetle larvae, worms and worm eggs


Disease type Animal housing indicated
Protozoa poultry, pig, cattle, calves
Bacteria (inc. salmonella) poultry, pigs, cattle, horses
Viruses (inc. avian influenza) poultry, pigs, cattle, horses
Viruses (inc. avian influenza) poultry, pigs, cattle, horses
Fungi (inc. ringworm) cattle


Tested by an independent UK food laboratory and shown not to taint eggs. The only phenol based disinfectant to be recommended by the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) for use in the elite “Lion Brand” egg production code.

Important: After use, rinse all tools and plastic parts (e.g. high pressure tools, hose pipes) thoroughly with a diluted alkaline detergent solution. Any traces of formaldehyde or iron (i.e. rust) in water may cause the chlorocresol to crystallise.

Note: Cling-2 detergent is specially formulated to clean equipment used for spraying Interask. Cling-2 is available from Hysolv Ltd., please contact us for more information. May be used on vehicles, machinery and equipment: not known to be corrosive when used at recommended dilutions. Works at low temperatures: DEFRA tested at 4ºC. Disinfects in presence of organic matter: tested on absorbent surfaces and in presence of organic matter.


The uses of the product may change from country to country, dependent on local rules and regulations.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 


♦ Remove animals and clean the housing thoroughly.
♦ Rinse all spray and mixing equipment thoroughly with water prior to use.
♦ Make sure that all traces of previously used chemicals are removed.
♦ Adjust the sprayer/Venturi tube to deliver the required dilution of INTERASK. Alternatively add INTERASK into the sprayer’s tank (bucket if using a knapsack
sprayer) then fill the sprayer tank with clean water until the required concentration has been reached.

(Please note, on cold days add warm water to the tank to bring the temperature to 7°C or more)

♦ Apply the diluted product on the dry surfaces of the empty animal house with suitable spraying equipment
♦ Protozoa: Treat the floors and walls up to a minimum of 2 metres. Walls above 2 metres and ceilings should be treated only if advised. Spray all equipment and built-in parts.
♦ Viruses/Bacteria/Fungi: Treat the whole house.
♦ The buildings and equipment should be treated for 2 – 24 hours.
♦ After the building is dry, re-equip and re-stock

Spray Application

♦ High pressure spraying equipment: Adjust down to a max of 1000 psi (70 bar), or if possible 300 psi (20 bar) to reduce spray “bounce-back” during application to walls. Use a “wide angle fan spray nozzle”
♦ Knapsack spraying equipment: Use a “wide angle fan spray nozzle” Apply a minimum of 100ml solution per square metre on concrete and other smooth surfaces, wooden or porous surfaces should be saturated and may require up to 400ml solution / m2

10 kg Interask coverage
♦ 0.50% maximum treatable area approx. 19,200 m2 – 4,800 m2 *
♦ 1.00% maximum treatable area approx. 9,600 m2 – 2,400 m2 *
♦ 2.00% maximum treatable area approx. 4,800 m2 – 1,200 m2 *
♦ 3.00% maximum treatable area approx. 3,200 m2 – 800 m2 *
♦ 4.00% maximum treatable area approx. 2,400 m2 – 600 m2 *

When using/working with concentrated disinfectants do not eat, drink or smoke. Avoid contact with eyes skin and
clothing. Wear the recommended protective clothing and equipment – see below:

Breathing Protection: Full face mask, filter A2 B2-P2
Hand Protection: Protective rubber gloves e.g. Nitril
Eye Protection: Full mask
Body Protection:: Chemical-protective clothing