Cling-2 Concentrate

Available sizes

  • 10 Litres


High foaming general cleaner. Strong foaming properties and a high clinging action and is designed to be applied through High Pressure Washers

Cling 2 Concentrate is suitable for cleaning all types of livestock buildings including poultry houses, piggeries, cattle sheds and stalls, sheep housing and horse stables. It is also ideal for cleaning Livestock handling yards and equipment, vehicles and livestock lorries.


The uses of the product may change from country to country, dependent on local rules and regulations.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

Directions For Use (Buildings):

In buildings where grease has built up over time, use a  4 –5% dilution of Cling-2. Subsequent cleaning with 2 –3%.

♦ Either dilute Cling 2 in the Pressure Washer supply tank or use an Injector to meter the Cling 2 (preferred)
♦ Set the Pressure Washer to 2,000 –2,500 psi & apply using a foaming lance.
♦ Apply to high surfaces first (roof), then equipment (feeder pans and nipple lines), walls and stub walls, then floors where required.
♦ Leave to work for 20 to 40 minutes.
♦ Rinse the injector thoroughly with clean water
♦ Replace the foaming lance with a rinsing lance.
♦ Rinse the building thoroughly from top to bottom and leave to dry.
♦ Disinfect.

Directions For Use (Vehicles).

Use a 2 – 3% dilution of Cling 2 Concentrate.

♦ Either dilute Cling 2 in the Pressure Washer supply tank, or use an Injector to meter the Cling 2 (preferred).
♦ Set the Pressure Washer to 2,000 –2,500 psi & apply CAREFULLY to vehicle using a foaming lance.
♦ Rinse vehicle with water from top to bottom to remove loose dirt.
♦ Apply Cling 2 using a pressure washer with foaming lance as above.
♦ Leave Cling 2 for a minimum of 5 minutes to work.
♦ Rinse off with clean water, starting from the top of the vehicle.


When using/working with Cling 2® Concentrate do not eat, drink or smoke. DO NOT get in contact with eyes, skin and clothing. The use of protective clothing and equipment is recommended when using this type of product. – see below:

Hand protection: Use protective gloves made of: Neoprene. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Rubber (natural, latex).
Eye protection: Wear approved chemical safety goggles with side protection, or Basket eye glasses

Please note that Cling 2 Concentrate should be protected from freezing and if stored below 7 to 10⁰C Cling 2 Concentrate may show signs of separation.
In these situations Cling 2 Concentrate can easily be made homogenous again by mixing or stir at 10⁰C and above. This separation is commonly seen with this sort of product especially in larger packs and this will not affect efficacy of product.

Active Ingredients:

<20%W/W Anionic Surfactants. <10%W/W Non-ionic Surfactants. <15%W/W NTA