We have a range of products to help you keep your hutch, small animal cage, vivarium and/or play areas clean and hygienic, thereby maintaining the good health of your animal.

Whether you look after a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, snake, lizard, chinchilla, mouse, rat, stick insect or any other variety of small animal, we can help. Please see the list below.

  • Type: building disinfectant


    Low odour, high efficacy general disinfectant. Used in Animal housing, vehicles, store rooms, hatcheries and lairage. Effective against all viruses, bacteria, y

  • Type: disinfectant and insecticide


    Triple action insecticide, disinfectant and deodoriser. The eco-friendly way to keep small animal cages clean, free from insect pests and smelling nice.

  • Type: hand sanitiser

    Intersoft D

    Alcohol hand wash (tested against Avian Flu). Kills bacteria and dermatophytes including the causal agents of ringworm and thrush within 1 minute.

  • Type: hand sanitiser

    Intersoft N

    Gentle, effective neutral pH hand soap. Formulated to provide a mild but effective hand washing lotion, which is suitable for use in food production and other i

  • Type: disinfectant and cleaner


    Disinfectant/cleaner for the practice. Ideal for animal housing and surfaces within buildings e.g. walls, floors, equipment, appliances, transport boxes, vehicl