Food Preparation Areas

Food Preparation Areas

Good practices of hygiene are essential for food preparation areas. A range of legislation exists that govern the management of livestock and their slaughter and the preparation of food from the meat. From slaughterhouses to butchery and food production, cleaning and disinfection of buildings, machines, equipment, surfaces and lairage facilities is an essential requirement in order to meet the standards you require.

Hysolv Ltd. has a range of products for cleaning and disinfection, insect control, water sanitation and hand sanitation. These have been fully tested for efficacy, and will enable you to achieve the levels of hygiene you require in your establishment. We are constantly updating and improving our products. You can see the current range of products below. 

  • Type: cleaner

    Cling-2 Concentrate

    High foaming general cleaner. Strong foaming properties and a high clinging action and is designed to be applied through High Pressure Washers

  • Type: building disinfectant

    Interdes® F

    Modern disinfectant for food processing. Can be used in storerooms,  hatcheries, coldrooms, saunas, kitchens, food preparation areas and vehicles.

  • Type: insecticide

    Interflystop Fly Roll

    Organic and traditional fly control. Has a reflecting surface with a pattern that attracts flies. The fly paper can be hung vertically to prevent problems with

  • Type: hand sanitiser

    Intersoft D

    Alcohol hand wash (tested against Avian Flu). Kills bacteria and dermatophytes including the causal agents of ringworm and thrush within 1 minute.

  • Type: hand sanitiser

    Intersoft N

    Gentle, effective neutral pH hand soap. Formulated to provide a mild but effective hand washing lotion, which is suitable for use in food production and other i

  • Type: disinfectant and cleaner


    Concentrated sanitary cleaner. Cleans and disinfects in one operation. Suitable for tiled floors, walls, toilets, washbasins, drains, etc