Whether you operate a racing stable, livery stable, riding stable, stud farm, competitive equestrian centre or you keep a single horse; you will want your horses to be as fit and healthy as possible.

As part of your stable management, it is important to work with your veterinary expert to ensure your horse is fully protected from worms and other hazards through vaccination and worming. As well as this, there are other actions you can take to ensure they are living in a clean and safe environment. The higher the standards of care, the greater the chance of minimising the effects of an infection.

At Hysolv Ltd., we are constantly updating and improving our products to help you achieve the best care possible. You can see the current range of products further down this page.  They help to control and prevent:

Viral, Fungal and Bacterial Infections

There are a large number of common infectious diseases in horses. Some of these include Influenza, Infectious Arteritis, Salmonellosis, Strangles, and Polyarthritis of foals. Regular cleaning and disinfection of stables, yards and horseboxes is vital to help prevent and control the infections. The use of footbaths and regular hand and water sanitation are also extremely valuable resources in combatting infections.

When you consider an average 1,000 pound horse can produce 45 pounds of manure and 2.4 gallons of urine every day, it is hardly surprising that cleaning and disinfection are so important to the health of your horse and, because many infections can pass to humans, to you too.

Hysolv Ltd. can help; we have a wide range of cleaners, disinfectants, hand sanitisers and water sanitisers some of which are organic. Please see the list below.


Insects such as stable flies, horseflies, head flies, horse botflies and mosquitoes can be more than just a nuisance; they can be responsible for a range of problems ranging from leg or hoof concussion caused by repeated stomping, to bacterial infections. As well as controlling your yard to reduce the areas where insects can breed (standing water, manure etc), Hysolv Ltd. have a selection of insecticides that can be used to control the presence of, and protect your horse from, insects.


Worms of all sorts can pose a big threat to the health of your horses and can sometimes prove fatal. As well as your regular worming treatment regime, we have products that can be used in stables and yards to help you to kill Small strongyles (or red worm), Large strongyles, Tapeworm, Roundworm and Pinworm.

  • Type: insecticide

    CBM8 MV

    Long acting mite control.  Up to three months control of Red Mite and other flying and crawling insects in animal housing.

  • Type: cleaner

    Cling-2 Concentrate

    High foaming general cleaner. Strong foaming properties and a high clinging action and is designed to be applied through High Pressure Washers

  • Type: water sanitiser

    Inter Aquades

    Water system sanitiser kills salmonella: Sanitizes the water system between flocks and can be used in the drinking water.

  • Type: water sanitiser


    Water and water system sanitiser for fatteners. Suitable for use in water systems of poultry houses, piggeries, cattle stalls, sheep housing and horse stables.<

  • Type: building disinfectant


    Low odour, high efficacy general disinfectant. Used in Animal housing, vehicles, store rooms, hatcheries and lairage. Effective against all viruses, bacteria, y

  • Type: building disinfectant


    Tried and trusted general disinfectant. Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and mycobacteria. It delays the build up of biofilm after disinfection.

  • Type: insecticide

    Interflystop Fly Roll

    Organic and traditional fly control. Has a reflecting surface with a pattern that attracts flies. The fly paper can be hung vertically to prevent problems with

  • Type: insecticide

    Interflytox Bait

    Attracts and kills flies. The more effective way to control flies and other insects including gnats, horseflies, cockroaches, ants and silverfish.

  • Type: insecticide

    Intersilicate Solution

    An organic solution for mite control. Kills red mite and red mite eggs by abrading the mite’s outer wax coat which leads to the mite dehydrating.

  • Type: hand sanitiser

    Intersoft D

    Alcohol hand wash (tested against Avian Flu). Kills bacteria and dermatophytes including the causal agents of ringworm and thrush within 1 minute.

  • Type: hand sanitiser

    Intersoft N

    Gentle, effective neutral pH hand soap. Formulated to provide a mild but effective hand washing lotion, which is suitable for use in food production and other i

  • Type: insecticide

    Rambosal K

    Long duration of activity beetle control. Rambosal K combats insects which are hard to control, especially alphitobius diapernius and mites.

  • Type: disinfectant and cleaner


    Disinfectant/cleaner for the practice. Ideal for animal housing and surfaces within buildings e.g. walls, floors, equipment, appliances, transport boxes, vehicl

  • Type: disinfectant and cleaner


    Concentrated sanitary cleaner. Cleans and disinfects in one operation. Suitable for tiled floors, walls, toilets, washbasins, drains, etc